Manage your planets and generate resources through planetary mines, extracting asteroids or industrializing planetoids.Create your supply routes and reinvest your profits to climb the top positions and decide the future of the universe.You can focus on several aspects of the game as you want to generate your income in one way or another.



You can design your own ships as you want, assign them to personalized combat groups and prove their effectiveness in a simulator.You can attack other players or pirates controlled by AI.Multiple game parameters make ship design an art accessible to all, and although each one can design according to their needs you can share your designs with other players.



Enjoy with your game friends creating an alliance.You can share technologies and vision of the universe, also to make joint attacks or defenders, send you ships, exchange fleets and even supporting whole planets.

Colonize and expand your empire

There are no limits to your ambition

Establish your productive bases on planets, asteroid mine, manufactured on planetoid, create transport routes, stores resources in orbit.Explore to find the sources of more profitable resources, establish your transport lines, manage your empire as you want.

Live universe

Your decisions matter

Scale in the statistics of the Universe to obtain more power and decision on the rules that modify the universe.Face the events using them for your benefit, know and take advantage of the situation between alliances.You can decide whether to intercept a fleet before another player or wait and join at the end.

Tactical combat

It doesn't matter only the amount

Defend your transport or pirate the routes of other players, intercept fleets in transit, assault planets, interviene in fighting already initiated to take the loot.Several ship sizes that you can assign to the functions you want.For example, you can have escort fighters, to destroy enemy transport or to form the bulk of your fleet.The combat is totally tactical and it is not just a brute force, you can see it as many times as you want and pass it to other players.

Investigate in multiple areas

Scientific development can make a difference

Multiple research available to improve your colonies, obtain new components for your ships or simply improve their capabilities.The ships are automatically updated with investigated technologies or if you prefer you can modify them to another model.

Enjoy the game with friends

Single alliances system

Share vision of the universe with your classmates.You can make joint attacks or defenders of a common enemy, share ship designs, yield fleets or planets.Work as a team and live the round together.


Money always matters

Manage the income of your colonies to keep your fleet or you will have serious problems.Avoid running out of fuel or ammunition or your fleets will no longer be useful.Each resource matters and has a value that varies as each player uses.


Single Commerce System

Manage well what resources you are missing and what resources you will need to be able to do good businesses with the rest of the civilizations.

We want to thank all the users who participated in the first development versions.Thank you so much!
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